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Love the look of a leather journal or portfolio, but can't let go of your first notebook love? Oh, the composition notebook, loved by millions, easy to source, cheap to replace. Now, you can get a one of a kind leather cover that's beautiful, classy and rugged. 

- Overall measurements: 10.75 in tall x 

- Fits classic composition notebooks, any B5 notebook or an XL Moleskine notebook (I'm sure there's more!).

- Inside front cover has a smaller secretary pocket and a larger full pocket. The back has the same large full pocket. 

- Can be used with just the back cover inside the pocket or with both covers inside the pockets.

- Composition notebook included.

- These covers are one of a kind even without embellishment. I often use leathers that have been discontinued (no longer available) or that have visible scars or scratches.

- These are ready to ship and you will receive the item in the photos. 


Leather Composition Notebook - Dark Cherry - B5 - Cover - Plain

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