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Handmade Grimoires Added Today

Happy Wednesday folks! I've finally added a five new junk journal grimoires today. All of my Caravan Compendiums and Shadow Tomes can certainly be used in this way, but these are a little darker with lots of black ink on the pages. The black ink from inkjet printer moves and smears a little in the tea staining process giving a really neat touch to the pages.

There are still trims sewn to the first page of each chapter; fourteen in each. Three of them have ephemera or journaling cards while the other two do not. The journaling cards are lined for additional notes that can be moved around and added to whichever page they are needed. Really useful for tarot readings or spell work. They also have a few piece of nature themed jewelry on them.

Take a look on the Shop page under Caravan Compendiums to see more. Enjoy!


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