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New Photo Albums/Guest Books

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Hello everyone! I recently received a new order of card stock. I have had this in my basket forever and finally pulled the trigger after my last show. I love to use card stock for the pages in journals because it really gives you more options for using the book.

At this point, I do not plan to tea stain any of this paper because this is a different style of book. The stock is a rich ivory with a linen finish and is uncoated. Linen finish paper is so lovely to write on and gives such a great texture. I am definitely a tactile person!

The first batch at least, are covered using some of the gorgeous large pieces of sari silk. Some will have printed ornaments on the pages and some will be blank. This paper is thick enough to properly use as a photo album. You know, the pages won't fold with the weight of the photos when you turn them. I think these would make the perfect photo guest book at weddings or other events. Plenty of room for the photo and a message from your guests.

They can also be used to paint, stamp, draw, etc. The paper is not as absorbent as watercolor paper, but you could use a dryer technique with watercolor pans or acrylics to achieve some really pretty results. I like to draw or paint borders of leaves and vines on everything in my journals. Below is a photo of a test sheet with watercolors and a wood block stamp with acrylic paint. The back side shows a tiny bit of buckling, but this is unpressed. Once work in the book dries and you close it, I don't think this will show.

So, share with me! Would you rather have blank pages or pages with a printed border?

Do you use journals/albums for your photos or (gasp!) do you leave them on your phone?


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